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Crawl Space Repair - Crawlspace Transformation in Knoxville, TN: From Moldy to Healthy

This time-lapse video shows the process of transforming a wet, moldy and dirty crawl space into a dry, healthy and clean environment using the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system.
The CleanSpace system was developed by the company who pioneered the crawl space encapsulation industry in the world and is, to date, the most advanced and effective system available for the effective treatment of  dirt-floored and vented crawl spaces.

The encapsulation process includes cleanup of existing debris, and moldy materials such as fiberglass insulation, and in some cases removal and replacement of rotten wood structures.

The crawl space floor is then graded and in some cases drainage pipes and a sump pump are installed to keep ground water from pooling under the house.

The walls are then insulated with a graphite-infused, foil-faced foam board product called Silver-Glo. The graphite boosts the R-Value of the foam board and the foil face reflects heat back into the crawl. Vents are sealed using air tight vent covers.
After laying a drainage mat over the dirt floor, the CleanSpace liner is laid to encapsulate the space, fastened to the walls and insulation board. Caulk and mastic tape are then used to create an air tight seal that will completely isolate the area from ground moisture and outside air.
The last step is to condition the area with a potent crawl space dehumidifier.

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