Why replace it when we can save it?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 by Jake Elkins

Have you noticed cracks in your sidewalk, walkways, parking lots or porches? How about areas that have started to sink or settle? Many people don’t realize that we don’t just work on residential properties but on commercial properties too. Residential and commercial properties tend to experience the same types of problems except for those whom they affect. Cracks in commercial properties become even more of a concern because the issue doesn’t just affect you, the owner, but other people visiting your workplace too.  

Cracks in the sidewalk, walkways parking lots and porches can be tripping hazards for anyone walking in, out, or around the building whether or not if they’re a customer. Anytime somebody falls because of uneven concrete on the property could become a liability for the business.

Replacing entire walkways or even just portions of concrete is not just a timely matter but a very expensive one too. We realize that not everybody can afford shutting down the walkways into their storefronts while a construction crew is spending days replacing the entire walkway out front. We’ve also found that those who can afford to aren’t willing to because of the affect it will have on their business during that time.

For these reasons we at Master Service Companies love our polyurethane concrete lifting which can solve your concrete issues for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time that it takes to replace the concrete entirely. It comes with a 5-year guarantee and can be driven on 15 minutes after the installation process is complete.

PolyLyft is a high-density polyurethane formula that permanently stabilizes and lifts sinking concrete slabs. We drill small holes the size of a penny into the slab and the structural-grade polymer is injected into the void. The expanding properties of the polyurethane allow for an accurate leveling of the slab. The PolyLyft system will immediately raise your sinking concrete slab while compacting the sediment beneath it making ground more solid underneath your slab. This state-of-the-art technique is the most effective and longest lasting solution that is currently on the market.

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