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Protecting a Crawlspace from Moisture in Gainesboro, TN

A Gainesboro, TN crawlspace had a problem with water gathering in the crawlspace. When water is allowed to take over a below-grade space, it can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and serious structural problems. To keep these things from happening, we installed our CleanSpace encapsulation system, which is mold resistant and acts as a barrier between susceptible areas and moisture. 

Updating a Crawlspace Near Bloomington Springs, TN

We installed our CleanSpace encapsulation system in a crawlspace near Bloomington Springs, TN. The liner prevents moisture from inviting mold and rot into the area, protecting integral structural elements. 

Encapsulating a Celina, TN Crawlspace

This crawlspace in Celina, TN was not in good condition. Water was pooling inside and increasing the possibility of mold and rot. Once these set in, they can create serious need for repairs. To protect the area, Master Services installed our CleanSpace liner, which keeps water away from vulnerable areas and mitigates energy and radon. 

Using PolyLyft to Raise a Sinking Driveway Near Hilham, TN

The team visited a home near Hilham, TN that had a sinking driveway pad. Often, water from rain works its way underneath concrete and washes away soil. The weight of the concrete also will cause settlement. To fix this slab, our team injected it with PolyLyft. The team drills holes at strategic intervals along the slab, then injects them with the high-density polyurethane. As the substance fills the voids beneath the slab, it raises it to an even position. 

Raising a Driveway in Allons, TN

Master Services visited a resident in Allons, TN who had noticed that his driveway was sinking. To fix it, the team injected the slab with PolyLyft, our high-density polyurethane product.

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