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Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Concrete Pool Deck Repair & Leveling in Knoxville Area

Raise and level your sunken concrete pool deck with expert concrete repair services

Has the concrete surrounding your pool dipped or settled, creating an uneven surface and dangerous trip hazard? Is there a protruding concrete edge where one section of the slab has settled below another? Master Services can raise your concrete pool deck back to its original level without the mess and expense of replacing the concrete. Most pool deck leveling jobs can be completed in as little as one day!

Pool Deck Leveling

The concrete surrounding your in-ground pool is prone to settling because of the pool construction process. The backfill soil that's added around the pool excavation will not be as dense or well-compacted as the undisturbed soil farther from the pool. When a heavy concrete slab is poured around the pool, loose soil will often compress under the slab's weight, causing sections of the concrete to sink or settle.

Instead of using ineffective and invasive traditional methods like mudjacking, Master Services fills voids beneath your concrete pool deck which caused it to sink in the first place. We use a high strength polymer foam that is installed by drilling small holes in the surface and injecting the foam underneath. The foam lifts and levels the surface as it expands, curing in about 30 minutes to provide a stronger, more accurate, and more durable finish than mudjacking. When the slab is level, the access holes are patched to match your surrounding concrete. 

pool deck repair

This concrete pool deck is sinking in many places due to soil settlement underneath.

pool deck leveling

We were able to make the entire pool deck seamless and level using our proven-to-last concrete leveling methods.

Advantages of pool deck raising

  • Costs less than concrete replacement
  • Longer lasting solution than concrete resurfacing
  • Ready for immediate use after work is completed
  • Doesn't disturb surrounding landscaping
  • Preserves original appearance of concrete
  • Typically completed in one day

Request an on-site inspection and free estimate for concrete pool repair

If you're looking for a fast, effective way to eliminate the trip hazard around your in-ground pool, slab jacking might be the right solution for you. Before we begin your pool deck repair project, a Master Services Foundation Specialist will inspect your pool deck to make sure there are no serious structural problems. We will then discuss the best repair method for your concrete and provide you with a free estimate for your pool deck leveling project.

We offer concrete leveling services in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City, nearby Kingsport, Cleveland, Hixson, Dalton, GA, Powell, Ooltewah, Cookeville and many surrounding areas.

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