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All Insulation Is Not Created Equal

While fiberglass insulation is common, particularly in older homes, it can lead to a host of mold and moisture issues. Fiberglass insulation is highly permeable, meaning it attracts moisture and humidity. Once enough moisture is absorbed, the insulation begins to fall off the ceiling in clumps.

Master Services recommends installing something more durable and dependable. We offer a vapor barrier system as well as proper insulation to keep moisture and mold from overrunning your crawlspace. Our system not only prevents moisture problems, but helps avoid energy and comfort issues.

We offer SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation, which is composed of small graphite particles. These particles reflect heat and lower conductivity, providing superior R-value per inch. Not only does SilverGlo™ provide heat conduction resistance, it directs heat back into your crawlspace. This translates into impressive energy savings! To further conserve savings, the insulation can be installed along the perimeter of your foot framing system.   

To keep heat inside—and lower energy costs—consider SilverGlo™ insulation. Our skilled technicians would be pleased to provide a no-cost estimate and discuss our other energy-saving measures.


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