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Foundation Repair Product Roundup

Settlement and property damage require more than a “one size fits all” approach. Structural issues can be varied and unique, so Master Services offers a variety of products to address every sort of settlement problem.

I-Beam Wall Braces

I-beam wall braces are used when soil conditions or property line restrictions prohibit the use of wall anchors. Functioning similarly to wall anchors, the braces are a relatively inexpensive and less invasive approach to repairing walls.

Wall Anchors

A quick, efficient method to repair bowing or cracked walls, anchors use the strong soils surrounding a home to provide stabilization. Installation requires little excavation and landscaping is carefully restored once the job is finished.


SmartJacks provide immediate support for sagging and undersized beams. These can be installed throughout the year and installation can be completed in as little as a day. The jacks can be adjusted and re-tightened based on future needs, making them an ideal solution for crawlspace and structural repair.

Foundation Piers

These piers are so strong that they can be used in place of a conventional foundation in a new construction. Foundation piers transfer the weight of a structure to stronger soils around the property, ensuring the foundation is properly supported and realigned.

Slab Piers

Slab piers are designed to raise and realign concrete slabs that have undergone settlement. There are two types: push-type and helical piers. Both are equally effective and depend on a home’s particular situation or the preferences of the contractor. These piers lift and level slabs, eliminating sloped and uneven floors.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

A fantastic solution for cracked and damaged walls, our carbon fiber reinforcement technique uses epoxy resin and carbon fiber strapping. The straps are soaked in the epoxy until well saturated, then applied to the damaged wall. As the epoxy cures, the straps bind to the wall and provide straightening, alignment, and stabilization. These straps can be painted over to easily hide the repair work.


Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

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