Why Do Concrete Slabs Settle, Allardt, TN Residents?

Monday, June 1st, 2020 by Kristen Owenby

Settlement is a common problem for East Tennessee homeowners. Extremes in weather and compacted soil contribute to slab damage and settlement. During extended periods of drought, soils beneath and around your home shrink and contract. Conversely, when heavy rain occurs, the soil becomes drenched and washes away. The weight of a structure also can cause loose soil to compact, which creates voids beneath the slab. Other contributing factors to settlement include leaks and plumbing or HVAC lines.

Signs of settlement include sinking, cracking, breaking, and gaps beneath the slab. Master Services offers a highly effective solution for settlement: PolyLyft. The team installs ports at strategic intervals along the slab, which are injected with high-density polyurethane. The PolyLyft expands, filling voids beneath the slab and raising it. This method is not nearly as disruptive as mudjacking, and it cures within an hour.

To learn more about how Master Services can help with your slab settlement problems, contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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