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One Drain System Isn't as Good as Another

A drain system might seem simple and one drain as good as another. However, certain issues require specific solutions. In the case of a properly waterproofed basement, the right drain system makes all the difference.

Master Services offers the WaterGuard®, our most popular drainage system. Most systems are installed on the outside of a home. This system is installed along the perimeter edge of the basement floor, maximizing its functionality since it works in tandem with a sump pump system.

WaterGuard® Specifications include:

  • Wall flange with 3/8" opening to collect water from walls -- There's no gap on the basement floor to let humidity into the space or to collect debris.
  • Ability to waterproof concrete block foundation walls -- Weep holes are drilled at the bottom of the blocks to drain the hollow cavities.
  • Resistance to clogging -- The system sits on top of the footing, away from the "mud zone" underneath your floor. Water is collected without the risk of clogs that would halt your system.


While this is our most popular system, Master Services offers other dependable and effective drains! Learn more and request a free, no-obligation estimate today!



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