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3 Things to Consider as Temperatures Drop in East Tennessee

As temperatures continue to drop, homeowners and property managers should be aware of certain considerations related to below-grade spaces.

Consider the following:

1.       Fall and winter are ideal times to waterproof crawlspaces or basements. Many people assume that spring and summer are the best times for this type of work, so there’s less demand for waterproofing services—meaning you won’t have to wait weeks and weeks for an appointment. 

2.       If you leave a below-grade area unprotected, what’s your game plan for spring? Are you going to wait for inevitable spring showers to flood your property? Or are you going to prevent this by having a reliable system installed beforehand?

3.       Moisture causes mold, mildew, rot, foul odors, and attracts critters. But it also presents another threat when temperatures are low. An unwaterproofed basement or crawlspace collects water, which freezes when temperatures drop. Frozen water creates cracks and worsens existing cracks!


If your below-grade space lacks moisture protection, contact our team today. We offer free inspections as well as financing options for practically any job!


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