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Employee Spotlight: Janine

What are your favorite movies and television shows? Favorite music?

Movies: Action, crime, true stories, Disney, John Hughes movies... but my all time favorites are Mary Poppins, Hook, Gross Pointe Blank, and Serendipity.

Television: Grey's Anatomy, 70's and 80's shows, and true crime.

Music: Journey, Pink Floyd, Kansas, and most anything from the 70s and 80s. 

What is the greatest challenge you've had to overcome in life so far? 

Moving from Illinois to Tennessee six years ago with my husband of 16 years. This meant leaving everything comfortable and safe later in life and learning to be okay with exploring new places, meeting new people, finding new hobbies to enjoy, and making new holiday traditions without our family and friends. 

What do you like most about working at Master Services?

I love how family and community-oriented Master Services is. I feel that our community is an extension of our own family. Master Services steps up to make each of us feel like "family" as well as gives the community extra family members they may not know they need until we show up with a giving hand or a smile. 

Thank you, Janine!

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