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Home Heating Bills Are Rising in 2021-Here's How Master Services Can Help Mitigate Costs

Despite a steep drop during the pandemic, energy prices are projected to soar this winter. While the Southern half of the country may escape the worst of the financial impact, it's still important to plan ahead. 

Mild winters are never guaranteed in East Tennessee. If you weren’t around during the blizzard of 1993, then surely you’ve heard about it. Weather can be erratic in this part of the country and homeowners should be prepared.

Master Services offers products that help keep the heat where it belongs—in your crawlspace or basement!

Our CleanSpace Moisture Barrier doesn't just prevent moisture that causes problems like mold, wood rot, pests, and structural damage. Our encapsulation system insulates furnaces, water heaters, and other utilities from winter cold. This could mean big energy savings for homeowners.

Our encapsulation system is an excellent place to start, but our go-to product for reduced energy costs is our SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation system. This foam insulation, installed along crawlspace and basement walls, is covered with tiny graphite particles. These particles reflect heat back inside the area and lower conductivity for superior R-value per inch.

The system features:

·         2-inch-thick insulation with a radiant barrier, which both insulates and reflects heat back inside the area.

·         Extra insulation to ensure more heat is retained by the crawlspace or basement.


These products improve home comfort and energy efficiency while keeping below-grade areas sanitary and dry.  Contact our team today to learn more about our energy-efficient systems and how we can protect your home—and wallet—from winter’s impact.

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