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The Health and Stability of Your Home Starts in the Crawlspace

The base of your home is the crawlspace—this area carries the rest of the home via foundation walls and support columns. Anything going on inside it will eventually impact the rest of the home, which is why preventative measures are important.

If you look inside your crawlspace, you’ll see supportive beams and columns. These support floor joists in crawlspaces. Unfortunately, lazy or incompetent contractors often improperly install these supportive elements. In other cases, wood rot or weak soil mean that these elements are unable to bear the weight of the home. Moisture is a considerable threat to structural integrity. It creates conditions for rot, which destroys structural support inside the crawlspace. When supportive beams and columns are compromised, upper levels of the home sag and shift. Floors might droop or become springy, while doors and windows “stick” or jam. In severe cases, the upper levels may collapse.

Master Services offers several crawlspace repair options. Our systems lift failing floor joists and beams and restore them to their original position. One such system is our SmartJack crawlspace stabilizer. This system is made of corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel and is adjustable if future tightening is required.

SmartJack specifications:

·         Quick installation that can be performed during any time of the year

·         Incredible support of loads exceeding 60,000 pounds

·         Versatile installation in even the tiniest of crawlspaces

·         Far-reaching support that doesn’t just halt damage, but often corrects it by raising floors to their original position

It’s always advisable to prevent problems before they start. Moisture prevention should be a priority for homeowners, as it creates horrendous issues including mold, mildew, rot, and structural degradation. As water inundates a crawlspace, it creates the conditions for rot that eats through wooden supportive elements. This compromises structural integrity and the home’s safety.

Waterproofing measures provide homeowners with peace of mind. Anyone with a vented dirt crawlspace should consider an encapsulation system, like Master Service’s CleanSpace moisture barrier. This durable liner repels mold and is installed along the ground, columns, and walls of the crawlspace for maximum moisture protection. It also helps to mitigate energy costs!

Master Services offers a sump pump exclusively designed for crawlspaces: the SmartSump crawlspace sump pump. With this system in place, homeowners need not fear leaks or sump failures because it comes with a WaterWatch alarm. If any leaks occur, the alarm sounds so that homeowners are notified immediately. The SmartSump features a cast-iron Zoeller sump pump and a floor drain that collects water from leaks. It’s designed to prevent collected water from evaporating back inside the crawlspace. Best of all, the SmartSump is compatible with our moisture barrier system!

A comprehensive waterproofing strategy should include a sump pump and encapsulation system. These systems work together to minimize water damage and protect against mold, rot, pests, and structural degradation.

Another recommended tactic is the installation of a dehumidifier. Master Services offers the SaniDry Sedona, a hardy and dependable machine that prevents problems caused by excess moisture. It keeps crawlspaces dry and sanitary and helps to maintain humidity levels in the residential areas of your home.

SaniDry Sedona specifications:

·         Automatic drainage

·         Filters mold spores and dust mites

·         Automatic humidistat


Our dehumidifier brings multiple benefits, not the least of which include:

·         Improved health. These systems prevent mold and dust mites, alleviate asthma and allergies, and improve air quality.

·         Increased comfort. If there’s high humidity in your crawlspace, it can make the air upstairs feel soggy. Our dehumidifier keeps conditions comfortable throughout the whole house.

·         Pest prevention. Controlling moisture reduces the risk of mold and deters rodents, reptiles, insects, and other pests.

·         Structural stability. With no moisture in the crawlspace, rot can’t decimate wooden elements.

·         Energy Savings. Running your air conditioner to lower humidity increases energy bills. Our systems maintain healthy humidity levels.

Another important component of a healthy crawlspace is dependable insulation. Many homes rely on fiberglass insulation, which soaks up moisture and grows mold. As it becomes sodden with water, it hangs from the ceiling in clumps. It’s important to have an insulation system that can withstand the varying conditions inside a crawlspace—especially if it lacks waterproofing features like the ones recommended in this post.

Master Services offers an insulation system that is completely compatible with our encapsulation and moisture-protection systems. The SilverGlo insulation panels are coated with tiny graphite particles that reflect heat back inside the home.

SilverGlo specifications:

·         Two-inch-thick insulation with a radiant barrier to insulate and reflect heat back into the crawlspace

·         R-11 value insulation keeps more heat in the crawlspace and home

What many homeowners don’t consider are crawlspace doors. Most crawlspace doors are made from wood panels, which are susceptible to warping and rotting. The hinges and nails also rust, causing the door to fall. Damaged and warped doors provide entry to pests like termites, ants, rodents, and others. Worse, they allow humidity inside during warm months, which leads to rot. In winter, cool air sweeps inside, cooling your furnace, water heater, air ducts, pipes, and other utilities.

Master Services offers Everlast crawlspace doors, which are composed of inorganic plastics and foams. They create an airtight, waterproof seal between outside air and your crawlspace. Everlast never rusts, rots, warps, or requires paint. Our doors are designed to ensure a tight seal for years!

An unhealthy, damp, moldy crawlspace affects the whole home. A comprehensive approach to waterproofing will ensure that structural integrity is preserved, mold doesn’t grow, and pests won’t invade the home. A robust insulation system also conserves money and keeps warmth inside the home.

Contact Master Services to learn more about our products, which are designed to optimize crawlspace health and stability. We offer free inspections performed by specialists who will recommend the best products for your unique situation. We also offer easy-to-use financing options to get you the best financing possible.


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