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Summer is Here-Better Check Your Pool Decks for Tripping Hazards!

Summer is finally here. Now is the time to check your pool decks! Concrete pool decks can sink, shift, and crack, which creates tripping hazards—never a good thing when you have children cavorting around the pool!

Let’s explore why concrete slabs settle. Sometimes they settle because the weight of the slab compresses the soil beneath it. In other cases, rain and moisture carry soil away from the slab. No matter the cause, settling pool decks create dangerous tripping situations and should be repaired ASAP.

Master Services has repaired countless pool decks—and we repair them in as little as a day! Unlike other methods, such as mud jacking, our approach addresses the very cause of the settlement. When soil is compressed or washed away, it creates voids beneath the concrete. Master Services uses PolyLyft, a high-density foam that fills the voids and raises concrete to a level condition.

It cures quickly, meaning the concrete can be walked on in as little as an hour!

Here are the advantages of our concrete-leveling method:

·         Costs less than replacing concrete

·         A long-term solution

·         Can be walked on almost immediately after installation

·         No disturbance to surrounding landscaping

·         Removes irregularities and eliminates safety hazards

·         Installation typically finished within a day

Don’t settle for a cracked, uneven pool deck that presents serious safety risks. Contact our team today to schedule a free inspection and take the worry out of your poolside afternoons!


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