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3 Common Causes of Cracked or Uneven Concrete

3 Common Causes of Cracked or Uneven Concrete3 Common Causes of Cracked or Uneven Concrete - Image 1


Soil Drying Out: Soil naturally compacts and settles, especially under weight. The type of soil plays a crucial role—clay or silt-based soils are prone to shrinking as they dry, similar to a sponge. When soil dries out, concrete may settle, resulting in cracks and uneven slabs.


Washout: Water is a significant factor in causing cracked or sinking concrete. As water moves around concrete, it can erode the soil beneath, leading to washout. Without proper support, the concrete slab can sink. Picture standing on a shoreline as waves wash over your feet—you gradually sink as the water removes the ground beneath you.


Compaction & Settlement: Weight on soil causes it to compact, often due to improper soil packing before concrete pouring. Like compressing a ball, soil compacts under pressure. Continual weight can lead to uneven support for concrete, resulting in sinking.


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