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The impact of drought on your home's foundation.

The impact of drought on your home\'s foundation. - Image 1

Drought and arid conditions pose a threat to the stability of your home's foundation, especially prevalent in clay rich regions like here in Tennessee where the transition from spring rains to summer heat causes soil shrinkage beneath lawns.
However, it's not solely the soil beneath our lawns that undergoes shrinkage. The soil beneath our homes also contracts, especially during prolonged dry periods spanning months or even years in extreme scenarios. This soil shrinkage results in the formation of voids, creating empty spaces where a foundation can gradually settle.

Signs of foundation settlement

The effects of foundation settlement may not always be immediately visible. Uneven settling can distort a house's structure, leading to issues such as sticking doors, sagging floors, and cracks in walls and ceilings. These symptoms signal underlying foundation problems, often exacerbated by prolonged dry spells, these symptoms may appear all over the structure, including:

·    Sticking windows and doors
·    Sagging floors
·    Floor or ceiling gaps
·    Drywall cracks
·    Interior cracks near window or door frames
·    Separating chimneys 
·    Stair-step cracks in brick or block walls

"Foundation issues don't improve with time, nor do they become cheaper to fix. However, they often can be permanently resolved. In many instances, a settling foundation can even be restored to its initial position."

Solutions for foundation settlement 

Addressing foundation issues promptly is crucial, as they worsen over time and can result in significant structural damage if neglected. Fortunately, solutions like driving steel piers deep into stable soil or bedrock can stabilize and even restore the foundation to its original position.
Piers consist essentially of steel tubing segments, which are mechanically driven into the soil until they reach either bedrock or stable soil. In specific circumstances, specialized piers equipped with fins, referred to as helical piers, are employed. These helical piers are literally screwed into the soil to attain comparable stability.

What happens if you choose not to address the issue?

Ignoring foundation problems can lead to severe consequences, including potential catastrophic failure. Considering the emotional attachment and financial investment in a home, addressing foundation issues is prudent. Not only does it safeguard your dwelling and memories, but it also preserves its resale value and mitigates future repair costs.

While the prospect of foundation repair may seem daunting, modern technologies make permanent solutions achievable. However, it's essential to entrust the inspection and repair process to experienced professionals, such as Master Services, specializing in foundation work to ensure a reliable outcome and peace of mind for homeowners.

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