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Job review from in Lenoir City, TN 37771 on 11/16/11

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

I only wish when we were building we had known of this. I would highly recommend your products & service to any of my friends. We already know our daughter WILL do this when she builds her home. You are welcome to come back & take all the photos you want to. We have a BEAUTIFUL crawlspace.

Thank you very much.

Our Overall Service

From start to finish it was an amazing journey!

Call Representative

Friendly, knowledgable, wanting to make you happy.

Our Office Staff
Only spoke once to them but that were great.
Sales Process

This was one of the better presentations we have had for anything. We were NOT prepared for the "you don't need" part of this. Most places want to sell you everything even if you do not need it.

We have a poured concrete foundation....we didn't need full wrap.

We were a bit disappointed we weren't going to be a beautiful all white 12 foot high crawlspace.

Well, we ARE a beautiful all white crawlspace...your sales people made my husband soooooo happy. He likes things to be complete looking. Your people gave us the lesser cover for the walls & the premium for the required space covering & system.


Our Installation Crew

The men were so nice to us. The first day they had a truck problem but they called us & we were kept in the loop on just when they would arrive.

We were told everyone's name & then they stayed here digging the drain trench until after 5PM. They worked non stop from NOON. Then Joe apologized for not finishing the digging but said they would be here early day two.

They were here & worked very hard. We enjoyed our talks with Joe, Alan, & Jose. Buddy came to us on day two with Kurt.....we had a problem unseen in the original work up. Joe discovered it, reported it, & took care of it. GREAT CREW. All were so polite too.

The Cleanup Process

Each day the crew cleaned up everything & even asked for a hose to wash off the driveway where some dirt had gotten on the cement. We didn't have anything to clear out. They took the plastic from the dirt floor & they NEVER left a bit of Master Dry's products. The lawn where they did the drain was also put back & the dirt was tamped back to flat.

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