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Job review from in Cookeville, TN 38501 on 07/28/20

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5
Our Overall Service

Each and every interaction I've had has been with a cheerful, efficient, and knowledgeable representative. Each of these people has always made me feel like they were eager and happy to help me.

Call Representative

All the call representatives with whom I've dealt have been very clear and helpful. They've gone out of their way to make sure I understood what to expect and verify that we're on the same page as far as scheduling. What is more, when being transferred, I've always ended up talking to the right person, and have never been cut off. (This seems to happen to me a lot, and so I really appreciate it when it gets done correctly!)

Sales Process

Justin (the technician who originally did the maintenance on a system that was previously installed in the house we bought and who set up the installation of an addition to the system) deserves way more than a '5'! We have a somewhat unusual situation and are first-time homeowners with little experience. Justin was extremely understanding of our concerns, even calling me in person during a long weekend to address some worries about preparing the work area for our new installation. When we discovered some issues with the previous installation, he also went out of his way to ask the installation foreman to address those issues during his visit, and worked to ensure that we'd have a crew able to do so while also completing the original job. I can't imagine what more he could have done to help us out. My wife and I were extremely impressed!

Our Installation Crew

Brandon and his crew (Jabar and Brandon) were really great! They were not only willing, but also eager to investigate problems with our earlier installation, despite the fact that it increased the scope of work beyond the new installation they were originally supposed to accomplish. We were very impressed by how diligently Brandon dived into diagnosing and mitigating those issues, and how willing he was to work with us as we probed other possible issues with the old installation in real time. I'm sure he could have done everything faster without us in the way, but his willingness to include us was very much appreciated! Everyone on the crew was upbeat and a pleasure to talk to. We hadn't really been looking forward to the installation day -- the idea of jackhammering our new (to us) basement seemed to be a necessary evil like a root canal -- but the day flew by and we found that we actually had fun. (Probably helped by the surety of Brandon and his crew that what they were doing could solve our water issues!) We were left with the feeling that we had taken a giant step toward "fixing" our basement, and that we had found a company who prided themselves in their work.

The Cleanup Process

Not only did everything look better after the installation crew left than it had before they arrived because of the installation of the CleanSpace over part of the block walls, we barely even had any dust to clean up!

What made you choose our company:

You had already installed a partial system in the house we bought, so it was a natural choice. Online reviews looked good, and our meeting with Justin, who came out to do maintenance on the existing system, was very positive, which is what decided us.

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