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Job review from in Sylva, NC 28779 on 08/02/15

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

THANK EACH and EVERYONE!!!! I have been IMPRESSED by NOT JUST the service, quality, but the RESPECT and CARE - ****AS IF I was YOUR family and this was YOUR house!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Overall Service
I am OVERWHELMED by the whole experience - it has been by FAR the BEST I could of dreamed of and it goes BEYOND even that.
Call Representative
I have been SO IMPRESSED with such, and the fact that the SAME person from the beginning is the SAME person that has called and talked with me throughout this whole thing was something that is SO VALUABLE and goes BEYOND words!!! I LOVED that - it's the little things that MATTER too!!
Our Office Staff
EVERYONE I talked with has been WONDERFUL and HELPFUL!!!! I have been SO IMPRESSED by this WHOLE company!!!!
Sales Process
Our Installation Crew
AMAZING!!!!!!! And REALLY treated my home as if it was theirs!!!
The Cleanup Process

What made you choose our company:

With about 2 years of looking and researching what company and what is the VERY BEST solution possible - I decided to jump in and at least give Master Dry a call - I LOVED that it was BACKED by a MAJOR company and if Master Dry went out of business that the warranty was still good. That Master Dry guaranteed and specially in such services.

I LOVE from the 1st time I called that I talked to a real person and they were SUPER and was able to answer my questions.

And the packet of information that came in the mail was super and I LOVED that I got profile photo and info of the service person coming out to the house to look at the job - that again was something little (having a profile photo and info), but it REALLY was something BIG in my book. I have NEVER had a company do that - but being a single female I LOVED having a face and info of who was coming to my house. SO THANK YOU for doing the little things SO WELL TOO!!!

I also was VERY IMPRESSED and LOVE to hear that EVEN your OWN workers (employees) spoke HIGHLY of their OWN company and talked about how they enjoyed working at Master Dry and they were proud to do so. They also talked about the pride they hold in being a VERY GOOD customer service. AND I WOULD AGREE!!!!!!!

I have been SOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED from the beginning to the end!!!!

It cost MORE then I expected, but I WOULD do it ALL OVER again and ONLY WITH Master Dry!!!

This has been the BEST experience and investment I could do!!! THANK YOU Master Dry!!!!!!

I also LOVED that it had GREAT reviews with BBB and Angie's list. (And SUPER website too)!

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