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Encapsulating a crawl space in Altamont, TN

A homeowner in Altamont, TN sought the assistance of Master Services to protect their crawlspace from water infiltration. Upon thorough inspection, we identified a significant challenge posed by the soil composition, as it contained a large rock formation that allowed water to seep into the crawlspace during heavy rainfall. This created a conducive environment for stagnant water accumulation, raising concerns about potential mold growth and damage to the floor beams.

To address these issues and provide a sustainable solution, we proposed the installation of a reliable CleanSpace moisture barrier as the primary defense mechanism. This high-quality barrier effectively regulates humidity levels, acting as a preventive measure against the growth of mold and spores by ensuring that water and moisture are kept at bay.

By implementing the CleanSpace moisture barrier, the homeowner can rest assured knowing that their crawlspace is well-protected against water infiltration and the associated risks. 

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