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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Home Lifting in Blaine, TN

Friday, April 7th, 2017 by Brooke Rhodes


There are many things that can cause cracks in your foundation: sinking foundation, uneven grounds, soil erosion, and more. This home in Blaine, TN understands that the longer you wait to repair your settling foundation, the more damage it can cause. When Mrs. Thomley realized the cracks in her brick had been an issue for multiple years before she bought her house, she called Master Services for a free esitmate. 



Master Services sent out Master Foreman Daniel Cline to review the problems. Daniel saw that the home had settled so much that cracks were present in many areas. 

Daniel and his crew installed piers to lift the home from its settling state. The process took about 2 days, but Mrs. Thomley said the install was "well worth the wait!"

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