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Sagging Crawl Space

Failing & Sagging Crawl Space Floor Repair Near Knoxville, Chattanooga, Johnson City

SmartJack® supporting girder

The girder span between the brick columns were too long, allowing the floor above to bounce and sag. SmartJack® were used to level and stiffen the floor above.

Master Services is expert at diagnosing and repairing problems associated with sagging crawl space joists and the floors they are supposed to support. Depending upon the cause, the repair may be as straightforward as installing our SmartJack® system (see below).

If framing has been weakened by rot or insect infestation, the repair is more involved. Beam and/or post replacement may be necessary. Joists may need to be “sistered” or doubled up. Regardless, we can stabilize your sagging floors and work to make them level again.

Common causes of sagging joists

  • High moisture in crawl space that promotes fungus growth and wood rot
  • Wood-damaging insects
  • Inadequate joist sizing or spacing
  • Too few columns or posts
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Undersized or poorly installed post and column footings 
  • Unstable soil conditions

A Master Services Foundation Specialist will provide a free inspection that takes into account all of the factors and soil conditions affecting your crawl space.

We’ll provide you with a customized repair plan and we’ll answer any questions you have about how our products or services work.

Eliminating moist crawl space conditions

Replacing or supporting damaged crawl space framing is an important first step to putting your home on a firm footing. For real peace of mind, it’s also important to eliminate excess moisture. If you don’t, you’re leaving the door open to rot and wood-damaging insects to renew their attack on your home. Master Services can encapsulate your crawl space with a tough vapor barrier and reduce moisture to harmless levels. We can also install a crawl space sump pump and dehumidifier if necessary.

Releveling your floors

“But can you make our floor level again?” In many cases, we can. One product that allows us to readjust sagging floors is called the SmartJack® system. It’s ideal for situations where the post or column footings are inadequate or there are an insufficient number of them. Advantages to SmartJack® include:

  • Can be cut to length on site
  • Speedy installation with minimal disruption
  • Pre-cast concrete bases rest upon compacted gravel footings
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Triple-layer, galvanized steel support posts
  • Can be used with crawl space encapsulation 

Once installed, SmartJacks® can be gradually adjusted in an attempt to restore the floor above to its original level state.

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