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Learn more about Master Services' recent work requests in Morristown, TN
Vicinity of Meadowlark Dr in Morristown
Water in basement after heavy rains
Vicinity of Johnson Dry in Morristown
Water entering where the wall and floor meet after periods of heavy rain. would like to finish basement and need waterproofing.
Vicinity of Daniel Boone Dr in Morristown
Dear Sir: I have cracks in basement wall and it seems to be moving away from concrete floor. if possible, I would like for someone to come out and check this over, and give me a free estimate. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Vicinity of Macedonia in Morristown
Leaking basement need estimate for repairs
Vicinity of Brookfield Dr in Morristown
Recently purchased home..wanting to seal and waterproof basement
Vicinity of Foxglove Lane in Morristown
Sections of front and side walks have sunken. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Referral
Vicinity of Jacobs Rd in Morristown
I have a basement and a garage /workshop I need estimates on. Thank you
Vicinity of Hayter Drive in Morristown
We have about 2 2-3 inch crack in our foundation and looking for estimates of how much it'll cost. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Richie Street in Morristown
Water in basement after heavy rain Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Other
Vicinity of Alpine Street in Morristown
Water coming into basement from two corners of basement
Vicinity of Springvale Road in Morristown
Concrete patio broken and offset. Seeing signs of moisture on basement wall but no water in the basement.
Vicinity of Majestic Magnolia Lane in Morristown
Water seeps into basement when there are heavy rains
Vicinity of Hiawatha Road in Morristown
Water enters South end of basement at joint where wall meets floor.
Vicinity of Buffalo Trail in Morristown
Crawlspace is damp/musky smell. Is just bare dirt floor, no plastic sheeting, no vapor barrier. I am looking to get it encapsulated.
Vicinity of Copeland Circle in Morristown
Can you please give me a price on treating about a 100' x 8' of damp concrete block inside the basement with some possible white mold. Thanks!
Vicinity of Essex Lane in Morristown
I have a finished basement with stained concrete floors. If we have a rain that lasts over 6 hours or that comes in a sudden downpour and equals over .5" we will get water in our basement. It comes in at the same spot every time which is in direct line with the chimney. I would like to know what portions i have to fix this. I am looking to sell so i really want to get this fixed permanently.
Vicinity of Housley Circle in Morristown
Water leaks under the walls in basement
Vicinity of Keltic Pl in Morristown
Excessive moisture in the crawl space. Evidence of water all around the house. Mold on the insulation.
Vicinity of Woodway Dr. in Morristown
We have a partial underground basement/garage and have noticed some efflorescence on the walls. We were hoping to partially finish a portion of this area for a home gym and we'd like to have someone come out and let us know if we have a moisture problem that needs to be taken care of.
Vicinity of Carnation DR in Morristown
Vicinity of Hemlock Cir in Morristown
Home inspection determined there was some standing water in crawl space and suspect mold/fungus on joists. Need quote to repair ASAP to sell house. Thanks. Kevin
Vicinity of Rich Circle in Morristown
Basement wall on front side of house is cracked and bulging into the basement by a couple of inches. This has just happened in the last few weeks.
Vicinity of Vicki St in Morristown
Mold and damp basement
Vicinity of Naomi Dr in Morristown
Water coming through floor cracks during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Apple Blossom Lane in Morristown
Recently purchased a home that was built in the 1960s. There is considerable settling and need to have house jacked up and re supported. This is an urgent case because both me and my fiance are wheelchair dependent and the chairs themselves are heavy.
Vicinity of Academy Drive in Morristown
Settling under sidewalk and patio near house creating triangular space. Water can get into space in heavy rain. Need to fill space with something.
Vicinity of Walnut Hill Drive in Morristown
Damp crawlspace and possible joist damage from moisture.
Vicinity of Lakemoore Dr. in Morristown
I would like to get a quote for waterproofing a basement.
Vicinity of Corbin Drive in Morristown
I am interested in obtaining an estimate for a crawl space insulation/vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Johnson Drive in Morristown
Requesting an inspection and estimate for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Foxglove Lane in Morristown
I would like a free inspection and quote for waterproofing my basement. I purchased my home 1 year ago and the concrete walls were painted. They were not waterproofed at all. After a rain , I get seepage thru the walls and would like fir someone to give me an estimate in this project.
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