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Restore Settled, Cracked, Unlevel Foundations with our Piering Systems

Master Services Pier System

Foundation pier installation. The Pier bracket is placed under the footing, and a push pier is driven to bedrock. Once an adequate number of piers are installed, the house is jacked to level.

Master Services can permanently correct foundation settlement problems with our foundation piers. Our foundation piers are so strong, that they can even be used in place of a conventional foundation in new construction!

How piers solve settlement problems

As soils beneath the foundation of your home compact and shift over time, your foundation may begin to fail from settlement and weakened support.

When soil conditions are consistent, a home may settle evenly, without any visual disturbance to the property. Differential settlement occurs when one area of the home settles more drastically.

Differential settlement may cause cracked brick, uneven floors, cracked concrete floors, leaning chimneys, or other signs of foundation damage.

Master Services foundation piers are designed to transfer the load of your home to stronger, more stable soils at greater depths below your property.

Piers are then placed evenly around the structure, where fine adjustments can be made until your foundation is properly realigned and your home is supported by stronger soils.

Factors that contribute to foundation settlement

Soil composition - Clay-based soils tend to absorb more water than sandy or silty soils. As clay soils retain water, they expand and exert pressure on your home's foundation. During drought conditions, clay soils contract. This on-going cycle of pressure eventually weakens and damages your home.

Hydrostatic pressure - High moisture content in the soil surrounding your home exerts force on your basement walls and foundation. The water may come from any number of sources including: clogged gutters and downspouts, plumbing leaks, and landscaping issues.

Site preparation - Poor building practices, such as backfilling around the foundation with construction debris, can result in problems with soil around your home's foundation.

Push Piers and Helical Piers to Stabilize a Settled Foundation

Master Services Pier System

Master Services piers are designed to put your home back on a safe, solid foundation.

Master Services uses either push piers or helical piers to stabilize and realign a house plagued by foundation settlement. Neither one involves major excavation or the use of concrete. After installation is complete, there is generally no visible evidence of our pier systems.

Which pier type we use depends upon the geology under your house.

If there is bedrock available, push piers are driven into it deep and attached to your home or structure with adjustable brackets. The brackets are then meticulously balanced until your home is realigned.

Helical piers are "threaded." In fact, they look a bit like giant screws. Helical piers are used when there is not an adequate amount of bedrock available to support the weight of the structure.

Helical piers feature plates that are welded to the pier shaft. These plates secure the pier to the local soil as it is driven beneath your property.

They provide additional strength as the helical piers transfer the weight of your structure to surrounding soils using a friction lock.

Find out how our pier systems can restore your foundation!

Foundation Piering Systems installed in East Tennessee

Master Services piers are designed to put your home back on a safe, solid foundation.

A Master Services foundation specialist will inspect your home's foundation and will recommend the proper piers for your property, as well as the number of piers necessary to fully support your home.

Master Services foundation piers cannot be seen after installation, and our project team's goal is to provide complete installation with little to no disruption to your home or landscape.

All of our foundation repair products, including push piers and helical piers, are available for installation throughout East Tennessee, including Kingsport, Tri-Cities, Greater Knoxville, and nearby areas.


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