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Plate Anchor Wall Systems

Master Services Wall Anchors provide an alternative method to the expensive and disruptive task of rebuilding or replacing damaged foundation walls.

If your foundation exhibits cracks across its walls, or if the walls bow or bulge inward, chances are it's due to either the soil composition outside the walls or to hydrostatic pressure.

The former is typically due to clay-based soil that swells with excessive rain and shrinks with drought.

Over time, the cycle of expansion and contraction exerts pressure on your foundation wall, causing it to crack, bow, or bulge. Similarly, hydrostatic pressure (the pressure from a large accumulation of water) can do the same. This sort of problem is often due to poor grading around your home and to gutter and downspout problems.

The Master Services solution

Our plate anchor wall system reaches outside your home to stable soil for support. Holes are dug for earth plates well away from your foundation. Then threaded steel rods are driven through your basement wall and connected to the earth plates.

Finally, wall plates are secured to the opposite end of the rods, inside your basement, with large nuts.

Over time, the plates may be tightened against the wall, forcing it into its original upright position.

This solution requires relatively little excavation, all of which is neatly backfilled and tamped upon completion. Landscaping is carefully restored.

A Plate Wall Anchor System Installed

Threaded Rod

A threaded rod is driven through the wall to stable soil outside.

The hole where the Earth Anchor will be placed

A hole is dug into which an earth anchor is placed. The rod and plates are joined.

Wall Plate tightened to the wall

The other end of the rod passes through a wall plate that is tightened to the wall.

We repair retaining walls, too

Retaining walls provide both visual interest and critical support to many landscaping features. They are often subject to the same changing soil conditions that affect your home or building structures.

As soil expands and contracts with changing temperatures and hydrostatic pressure, retaining walls may weaken over time. Damaged retaining walls may exhibit cracks, bulges, bowing, tilting or general degradation.

Master Services Retaining Wall Tiebacks offer superior torque capacity and stability for your retaining wall. Tiebacks are installed throughout your retaining wall and are threaded into deeper, more stable soils. Master Services Retaining Wall Tiebacks allow for the transfer of pressure from your retaining wall to the surrounding area.

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A Master Services foundation specialist will inspect your property and design a customized solution for your damaged foundation walls and retaining walls.

Installation of Master Services Wall Anchors is generally completed in as little as one day, often little disruption to your home or landscape.

Looking for quality foundation repair products in Tennessee? Master Services installs plate anchor wall systems made available for homeowners throughout East Tennessee, including Kingsport, Tri-Cities, Greater Knoxville, and nearby areas.

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