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Bowing, Bulging, or Cracked Foundation Walls? How Our I-Beam Wall Brace System Works

Sunday, August 1st, 2021 by Kristen Owenby

If you’ve noticed bowing, bulging, or tilted walls around your property, it’s time to act! Ignoring weakened walls can lead to foundation collapse—and extreme repair costs.  

What Causes Wall Failure?

There are two main culprits: soil composition or hydrostatic pressure. Clay-based soil swells after rain, but shrinks during periods of drought. The soils surrounding your foundation walls exert pressure on walls—causing bowing, bulging, tilting, and cracking. Inadequate grading and gutter or downspout problems often create this problem.

How Can It Be Fixed?

I-Beam Wall Braces and Power Brace brackets reinforce walls without disturbing the rest of the home, landscaping, or surrounding property. These braces are installed when wall anchors can’t be used due to soil conditions or property restrictions.

Installation Steps:

  • A Power-Brace bracket is installed at each end of the I-beam
  • The bottom brackets are attached to the basement floor with concrete anchors
  • The top brackets are attached to floor joists
  • The adjustment bolts are turned until consistent pressure is exerted on the beam
  • The wall slowly moves toward its original position


Our specialists provide customized solutions for damaged foundation walls. Installation of our I-Beam Wall Braces system is usually completed within a day and involves little disruption to the rest of the home. If you are noticing issues with your foundation walls, contact Master Services for a free inspection.


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