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The Master Services Electrical Team

Monday, October 25th, 2021 by Kristen Owenby

Master Services doesn’t hire outside electricians—we have licensed and fully insured electricians on our team. Our experienced professionals coordinate with our production team to provide quality work—all according to code.

Our first priority is completing electrical work safely and efficiently to prevent electrocution, fires, and other mishaps. We also provide free inspections and estimates.

Curious to learn more about our electrical team?

David is our master electrician and electrical supervisor.

David Reece


Jose and Charles are our electrical foremen.

The Master Services Electrical Team - Image 2Charles Ivy


Evan and Matthew are our electricians.

The Master Services Electrical Team - Image 3Matthew Zimmerman


We conducted a short interview with David to learn more about him and his team!

What's your favorite thing about working at Master Services?

My favorite thing about working at Master Services is the people. The skill and the attitude of these people is second to none. Everyone in each department take care of each other. Just like a large family.

What's the biggest challenge your team faces as you serve our customers?

One of the most difficult things my team faces is installing Electrical systems by 2021 standards in buildings that have old and sometimes questionable electrical systems and doing the install to pass the strict NEC requirements. I have a excellent team that does a great job getting this accomplished. I would put my team up against any Electrical crew, they're the best!

What attracted you to electrical work?

I began my Electrical career installing car stereo systems as a teenager ,I just had a knack for it. Then I started to work as a ground hand for a utility construction crew and worked my way to foreman. Then I went back to school to become a Electronics Technician but changed to Electricity because I enjoyed working in the construction environment more than sitting at a work bench all day.


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