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Navigating the Seasons for a Happier Home

Hey, East Tennessee! As we gear up for the winter chill, let's talk about the unsung hero of your home – the crawlspace. Here at Master Services, we're not just fixing problems; we're making your home the happiest place on the block.

Why Encapsulate? The Secret Sauce for a Balanced Home

With four seasons comes varied challenges, especially in your crawlspace. Choosing to encapsulate it is a game-changer. By separating the outside from the inside environment, we regulate humidity year-round. Our trusted Silver Glow insulation does wonders, reflecting heat and keeping temperatures just right.

Smart Solutions for a Cozy Home

We don't stop at encapsulation. Our 19 adds an extra layer of protection to the walls, saving energy and keeping bills in check. Forget about those vents – we seal them permanently. With a dehumidifier in place, we take full control of moisture, making your crawlspace a mold-free zone.

Winter Woes? Not Anymore!

As temperatures drop, most folks close vents to keep the cold out. But what about mold spores? We eliminate the guesswork by sealing vents and controlling humidity year-round. No more cold floors or fluctuating temperatures. We've got your comfort covered.

Foundation Matters: From Settlement to Stability

In the colder months, foundation issues often arise. Droughts create voids around your foundation, leading to settling. Our free inspections educate you on the front end, helping you stay ahead of potential problems. Foundation stability is crucial, and we've got the expertise to keep your home standing tall.

Concrete Woes? We've Got Solutions

Cement tends to crack with changes in humidity and temperature. Our Polylift injections restore the height lost due to soil erosion, preventing further damage. We're not just fixing cracks; we're ensuring your concrete stands the test of time.

Wall Woes? Bracing for Stability

Water infiltration weakens walls over time. Our wall braces provide secure anchoring to wood beams, preventing bowing and ensuring structural stability. Quick installation minimizes disruption, offering a stable support point for your home.

What's Next?

Ready for a dry, happy home? Master Services is your partner in home care. We serve East Tennessee, North Georgia, and the Tri-Cities. Reach out for a free inspection and let us create a customized solution for your home.

Stay dry, stay happy with Master Services!
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