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Master Services Pier System

Smart solution. Helical piers are designed to be installed like giant screws. Helical plates on each pier shaft advance and anchor the pier in stable soil. A steel bracket attached to the top of each pier connects the pier to the foundation, enabling workers to raise settled concrete back to its proper level.

Sinking or settling concrete is a serious problem – whether the damage occurs to a foundation wall, slab or sidewalk. Soil erosion and weak soil with poor load-bearing characteristics are two conditions that cause foundations and other structural concrete to sink or settle.

Helical pier repairs eliminate costly demolition and reconstruction

At Master Services, we provide residential and commercial customers with a fast, affordable and non-destructive solution to sinking and settling foundation problems. We use helical piers to connect settled concrete with stable, load-bearing soil and raise the concrete back to its proper level.

As shown in the drawing and in the step-by-step photos below, helical piers resemble giant screws. Turned down into the soil until a specified resistance is attained, the piers can then be connected to the structural element with specially engineered brackets. The brackets can be adjusted to raise the settled concrete back to its correct level.

Advantages of Helical Pier foundation repair

  • Engineered & warrantied solution to settlement problems avoids costly, time-consuming demolition & reconstructions.
  • Stabilizes both light and heavy structures.
  • Year-round installation.
  • Piers can be installed from inside or outside the structure.
  • Round steel shaft has high resistance to bending.
  • Can list foundation back to original position.
  • A below-grade solution is not visible after installation.
  • Steel parts are protected with corrosion-resistant galvanizing treatment.
  • Strong foundation bracket design incorporates innovative steel sleeve to avoid warping.

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Our warrantied helical piers can permanently fix your foundation issue! Call us for a free helical pier installation quote today! We serve Johnson City, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and many nearby areas in Tennessee.

Installing Our Foundation Helical Pier System

The Helical Pier System permanently stabilizes settling, sinking structures. One of our foundation specialists can inspect your home and develop a free helical pier installation quote. We can customize a system that is ideal for your foundation and soil conditions.

To install helical piers, our contractors will take these following four steps:

Preparing a foundation footing for helical pier installation in Hixson

Preparing The Foundation Footing

For an outside installation, the soil around your foundation must be excavated to expose the footing at each pier location. For an inside installation, a section of your slab floor will need to be removed to expose the footing. The slab is restored after the installation.

A section of the footing will be cut away so that the steel bracket connected to the pier will support the wall directly. This approach will provide more effective support than lifting the section of the footing that extends beyond the walls.

Installing a helical pier system in the earth around a foundation in Kingsport

Installing Helical Shafts

Next, steel helical piers are turned down into the soil until competent strata is reached. Extension shafts are added as necessary to reach greater depths.

These steel foundation piers are the strongest components in our foundation repair arsenal, and are responsible for transferring the weight of your structure to solid, load-bearing soil. Our foundation piers are available with a galvanized steel design. These piers are corrosion-resistant, for long-lasting durability.

Foundation repair contractors installing the foundation bracket in Johnson City.

Installing Foundation Brackets

Unlike push piers, helical piers are driven fully and completely before their brackets are attached.

This is mainly because helical piers don't require the heavy weight of the structure to be driven into the soil. This makes them ideal for lighter structures, such as decks and concrete stairs.

Once all helical piers are installed, steel brackets are attached to connect each pier to the footing.

Foundation repair contractors lifting a structure in Chattanooga.

Lifting The Foundation

Once all piers and brackets have been installed, the settlement of your foundation will be permanently halted.

At this time, one of our team of in-house foundation contractors will determine whether or not it makes sense to lift your foundation back to its original position. This operation has the potential to close cracks in your foundation and return doors, locks, and windows to their original functionality.

We Do Helical Pier Installation in Tennessee!

At Master Services, we want to help you restore the value of your home through structural stability. To this end, we have a wide variety of repair solutions that can address foundation problems of any kind.

If you live within our Tennessee service area, we'd like to provide you with a free, written helical pier installation quote. Each quote includes a free on-site inspection, a professional consultation, and copy of our 90-page full-color foundation repair book. To schedule your appointment, call or e-mail us today!

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