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Encapsulating a Crawlspace in Johnson City, TN

Crawlspaces are notoriously dank, moist, rotten, and nasty areas if they lack adequate protective measures. Master Services visited a crawlspace in Johnson City, TN that did not have a good system in place to protect against water and related issues. Our team installed our CleanSpace moisture barrier, a durable and sanitary liner that is installed along the ground and walls of the area to defend against moisture. 

Repairing a Crawlspace Near Grimsley, TN

A moist crawlspace invites mold, mildew, rot, pests, and foul odors. A homeowner near Grimsley, TN contacted Master Services about his crawlspace, which lacked adequate protection from the aforementioned problems. Our team installed our CleanSpace moisture barrier and SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. Together, these products provide comprehensive and reliable protection from moisture and related damage. 

Crawlspace Repair in Rutledge, TN

A homeowner in Rutledge, TN had a moist, dirty crawlspace that he had tried to fix several times. Unfortunately, the mold and odor had only gotten worse over time. He wanted a timely, effective, and long-lasting system in place so he could stop worrying about it! Master Services paid a visit and inspected the home, then made our recommendation: our CleanSpace moisture barrier and SilverGlo wall insulation panels. 

Repairing a Foundation Wall Near Lowland, TN

A property owner near Lowland, TN noticed that several walls in his basement were cracking. This is never a welcome sight for homeowners, as they know it portends more serious damage down the road... perhaps even wall failure. Our team visited and took a look at the problem, then recommended a strategy to stop further damage. We suggested our I-Beam Wall Brace and Power Brace system, which supports walls without disrupting the rest of the home or surrounding landscaping. 

Crawlspace Repair Near Granville, TN

Our team visited a home near Granville, TN to check out a crawlspace that was in questionable condition. It was musty, messy, and lacked a proper moisture-proofing system. Master Services got to work installing our CleanSpace vapor barrier, a tear and mold-resistant liner that shields crawlspaces from moisture and damage. 

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