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Encapsulating a Crawlspace Near North Tazewell, VA

This crawlspace near North Tazewell, VA had an encapsulation system, but it was ragged, dirty, and haphazardly strewn over the area. The homeowner was concerned about the state of the crawlspace, as well as concerned about his energy bills. Our team installed our CleanSpace moisture barrier, a pristine and durable liner that is installed along the ground and walls of the area to provide maximum protection. 

Raising Concrete Near Speedwell, TN

A homeowner near Speedwell, TN contacted Master Services about a sinking concrete stoop and stairs. We took a look and determined that the slab definitely was settling, which often happens because of rain or soil compression. To lift it, we injected it with our amazing PolyLyft, a high-density polyurethane product that expands beneath the slab and raises it to its original position. 

Repairing a Crawlspace Near Elk Creek, VA

A homeowner near Elk Creek, VA was worried about the state of her crawlspace. It was unencapsulated, full of debris, and vulnerable to moisture. We installed our durable CleanSpace moisture barrier, a mold and tear-resistant liner that shields the area from the ravages of water. We also installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to further protect the area from water and humidity. 

Vapor Barrier Installation Near Tazewell, VA

Humidity easily permeates concrete walls and works its way inside crawlspaces and basements. This basement near Tazewell, VA was becoming inundated with water vapor, which can create rot and mold. Our team installed our crawlspace water vapor barrier, which is composed of anti-microbial material and comes with a 25-year warranty. 

Repairing a Crawlspace Near Bandy, VA

A crawlspace near Bandy, VA was in poor shape due to an excess of moisture. Left unremediated, moisture creates wood rot, foul odors, mold, and structural problems in the rest of the home. To prevent these problems, we installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier, which is composed of mold-resistant material and shields the area from moisture damage. 

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