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Protecting Against Water Vapor Near Saltville, VA

This crawlspace near Saltville, TN was subject to humidity, particularly during the summer months. Humidity is a serious matter, as it settles on vulnerable surfaces to cause mold, mildew, and rot. Our team installed our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, which prevents water vapor from damaging below-grade spaces. 

Remediating Mold in Saltville, VA

A crawlspace in Saltville, VA had an "infestation" of mold. When a below-grade space is inundated with moisture, it creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew. To get rid of it, our team used our soda-blasting technique, which uses the abrasion of sodium bicarbonate to blast mold off of surfaces. The mold is not only removed, but the area is sanitized. 

Fixing Foundation Settlement Near Doran, VA

A home near Doran, VA was beginning to show signs of settlement in the basement. These signs include cracks, buckling, and bowing. Our team used our carbon fiber strapping technique to stabilize and strengthen the walls. 

Basement Waterproofing and Humidity Protection Near Swords Creek, TN

A home located near Swords Creek, TN was having water problems in its finished basement. Water was seeping inside and soaking the carpeting, as well as collecting on the walls. Our team installed our Everlast Wall Restoration System, as well as our TripleSafe sump pump, to prevent flooding and keep humidity at bay. 

Providing Support to Bowed Walls in Rosedale, VA

The team visited a residence in Rosedale, VA that had bowing, cracking walls in the basement. In this case, early remediation is important to stave off further damage... as well as costly repairs! The Master Services team installed power braces, which are a relatively inexpensive method to repair the walls. 

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