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Vapor Barrier Installation Near Tazewell, VA

Humidity easily permeates concrete walls and works its way inside crawlspaces and basements. This basement near Tazewell, VA was becoming inundated with water vapor, which can create rot and mold. Our team installed our crawlspace water vapor barrier, which is composed of anti-microbial material and comes with a 25-year warranty. 

Repairing a Crawlspace Near Bandy, VA

A crawlspace near Bandy, VA was in poor shape due to an excess of moisture. Left unremediated, moisture creates wood rot, foul odors, mold, and structural problems in the rest of the home. To prevent these problems, we installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier, which is composed of mold-resistant material and shields the area from moisture damage. 

Basement Waterproofing Near Amonate, VA

A homeowner near Amonate, VA noticed a musty smell in his basement, as well as moisture pooling during heavy rains or humidity. Our team protected the area by installing our TripleSafe sump pump and CleanSpace vapor barrier. www.mas

Protecting a Church Basement from Flooding Near Sugar Grove, VA

Our team visited a church near Sugar Grove, VA that had an excess of water in the basement. Water accumulates in below-grade spaces due to heavy rains, and it will create the right conditions for mold if not remediated. To fix it, our team installed a sump pump system and perimeter drainage system, which keep moisture from building and causing damage. 

Installing Helical Piers in Pounding Mill, VA

Our team headed up to Pounding Mill, VA to see about bolstering a settling home. Due to shifting soils and moisture issues, many houses eventually settle, which results in cracks, stuck doors and windows, and other problems. To stall further damage, our team installed helical piers. This system provides support to flagging foundations, anchoring them to resilient surrounding soils. 

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